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Sean Punch [userpic]

Another week in the life of GURPS

November 20th, 2015 (05:33 pm)

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This week is named Jim – just plain Jim. The news:

• We released Pyramid #3/85: Cutting Edge. You can read about that here.

• I wrote web blurbs for not one but two December 2015 releases. With Pyramid #3/86, it looks like we have a great month coming up!

• I completed my production review of an upcoming GURPS Dungeon Fantasy item from Matt Riggsby (wombattery).

• I also completed my review of the first draft of the latest GURPS Dungeon Fantasy supplement from Peter Dell'Orto (peterdellorto).

• Not everything from Matt Riggsby (wombattery) these days is GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. The first draft of a totally unrelated project just arrived today.