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Sean Punch [userpic]

Another week in the life of GURPS

August 22nd, 2014 (07:36 pm)

current mood: working

This week is named Kaori. The news:

• We released Pyramid #3/70: Fourth Edition Festival in honor of the 10th birthday of GURPS Fourth Edition (August 19, 2014). Read about it here.

GURPS Power-Ups 7, by y.t., entered prepress. Expect it Real Soon Now.

• We scheduled a long-awaited update/errata fix for upload in September. More than that, I cannot say.

• My GURPS Magic-series project passed its production review.

• Phil Masters' (phil_masters) latest Transhuman Space supplement went into editing.

• Progress was made on art for the Discworld Roleplaying Game, also by Phil Masters (phil_masters).

• I turned around comments on the first draft of Matt Riggsby's (wombattery) latest work.

Finally, don't miss the 23% off all SJ Games-published GURPS items at Warehouse 23 until 12:00 CDT on Wednesday, August 27!