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Another week in the life of GURPS

This week is named Hélène. The news:

• We released Pyramid #3/71: Spaceships II. You can read about it here.

GURPS Power-Ups 8, by PK (peekitty), is now truly done and simply awaiting scheduling.

• Phil Masters (phil_masters) sent us answers to the last few questions on his Transhuman Space item, which will also be up for scheduling before long.

GURPS High-Tech: Adventure Guns went to Hans-Christian Vortisch to answer a few final questions before we complete production and schedule that as well.

• Not one but three items – one by Peter Dell'Orto (peterdellorto), one by Matt Riggsby (wombattery), and one by Bill Stoddard (whswhs) – saw more creative progress this week.

• I started another smallish writing project to work on in my copious free time between reviews, approvals, etc.

• Oh, and speaking of approvals, I let a new item into the pipeline this week. That isn't a sign of general thawing, but it's still progress.
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