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Another week in the life of GURPS

Yes, it has been much longer than a week . . .

I was away for the entire month of April. I was not on vacation (on the contrary, I could really use a vacation). Rather, I was called away because my father was dying. I helped care for him until his death and then helped my mother tackle the ensuing chaos. The stress made me ill – a situation from which I am still recovering. So aside from a brief bit of work way back on April 3, I had to write off a whole month.

I am back now and playing catch-up as well as I can. I'm going to start from a clean slate and fill you in on my activities this week, which I'll name Rama.

• I reviewed art for the three Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game stretch-goal items.

• I turned around a review of a first draft from Hans-Christian Vortisch.

• I began my review of a first draft from Phil Masters (phil_masters).

• I caught up on various "other tasks," which ranged from proofing an article for a trade magazine, through brainstorming on GenCon stuff, to offering recommendations for our next few GURPS releases via CreateSpace.
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