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Sean Punch [userpic]

Another week in the life of GURPS

June 16th, 2017 (01:32 pm)

current mood: working

This week is named Robert. I'm wrapping it up early because I'm suffering from either allergies or a cold – either way, yuck. The news:

• I pitched in on Pyramid 3/104, which comes out next week.

• I took care of final details on the stretch-goal items for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game (those being Dungeon 2, Magic Items, and Traps) so we could get the Dungeon Fantasy Companion ready for print.

• I finished my review of that first draft from Bill Stoddard (whswhs

• I'm working on a new and better way to deliver the GURPS News. Stay tuned for more, err, news.

• Update to a previous update: On June 2, I posted links to Warehouse 23 Digital Wish List and Warehouse 23 Wish List for GURPS. Those didn't work. We've since made a few tweaks (to the URLs and the lists themselves) and now all is good.