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Another week in the life of GURPS

This week is named Sami. The news:

• We released Pyramid #3/115: Technomancer. This is the interesting theme I was hinting at, as it's an experiment: Do people want us to update Third Edition settings in Pyramid? I haven't had time to write about it on the forums, but Steven has.

• I resumed my review of the first draft of an item for the GURPS Powers series.

Once again: I'm moving, so there will be no June 1 update; I hope to be back online for June 8. In the interim, don't expect to see me around online. Those with my phone number or personal email address (which goes to my phone) can still reach me that way. Those doing business with me should use my work email address as my PayPal identity. None of that info appears here because I don't like spammers.
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