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Sean Punch [userpic]

Another week in the life of GURPS

June 14th, 2019 (10:30 am)

current mood: working

This week is named Liza. The news:

• I carried out the production review of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 3.

• I approved final (original!) art for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 3, too.

• I approved final tweaks to GURPS Template Toolkit 2: Races. This item should return to production shortly.

• My current writing project crossed the 36,500-word line.

There will be no update next week, as I'm moving toward the end of the week. Catch you on June 28!


Posted by: whswhs (whswhs)
Posted at: June 14th, 2019 06:10 pm (UTC)

Wasn't your last move fairly recent? Two moves close together sounds like a hardship—moving at all is bad enough. Good luck with getting through it!

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