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Another week in the life of GURPS

This week is named Amandine.

The Big News

Backers of the GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge have unlocked all 12 PDFs. Thank you! Oh, and that's with time to spare . . . three days (and a few hours) remain as of this update, so it isn't too late to get 12 PDFs for $3.

Uncertain? Let Phil Reed and me convince you in this ENWorld interview.

Other News

• I turned around the production review and art approval for the longer of my two pending GURPS Dungeon Fantasy projects.

• I also took care of the production review and art approval for my upcoming GURPS Magic supplement.

• And although we don't yet have art for me to approve, I reviewed the preliminary PDF of the shorter of my two forthcoming GURPS Dungeon Fantasy titles, too.

• I continued my first-draft review of James Amaral & Joshua Lopez's GURPS Infinite Worlds volume . . . though with all of the above going on, my progress was merely modest.

• We received a new first draft for the GURPS Vehicles series.


Last Sunday (July 5) marked my 25th work anniversary at SJ Games. Yes, I've been the GURPS Line Editor for almost half of my life. I'll keep doing it if you guys will have me and will help me keep GURPS alive. Cheers!
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