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Another week in the life of GURPS

This week is named "Persephone," in honor of the season. As for GURPS . . .

• We released Pyramid #3/17: Modern Exploration. For the curious, we're using "modern" in the sense of "GURPS TL5+" and "exploration" in the sense of poking around things best left unpoked . . . like, say, undead mummies and creepy WWII programs.

• I turned over my comments on GURPS Tactical Shooting to Hans-Christian Vortisch. This one is going to be a lot bigger than GURPS Gun Fu, and is as much a supplement to GURPS High-Tech as it is the second part of "GURPS Martial Arts for guns."

• Further progress happened on the latest works by Bill Stoddard (whswhs) and Peter Dell'Orto (peterdellorto), which concern cities and ninjas, respectively.

• I'm reluctant to reveal things in the planning stages, but I can confirm that the wheel turned another few degrees on GURPS Bestiary this week. It isn't just parked.

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