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Another week in the life of GURPS

Back to work! The news below is mostly this week's, but there are a few leftovers from 2010. Next Friday, I'll be in Austin (so I'll call this week Stephen), planning 2011 with the SJ Games crew. Thus, I'll probably be attending meetings rather than posting here.

GURPS Low-Tech Companion 3: Daily Life and Economics, by Matt Riggsby (wombattery) and Bill Stoddard (whswhs), is in prepress. With any luck, you'll have rules for TL0-4 hunting, gathering, mining, manufacturing, building, etc. next week.

• The preview PDF of Pyramid #3/27: Monsters in Space has been reviewed, and will be om-nom-nomming your spaceship in the fairly near future.

• The preview PDF of GURPS Powers: Divine Favor, by Jason "PK" Levine (peekitty), has been reviewed as well. It, too, should be immanent shortly. May the gods strike me down if I'm wrong!

• Jason "PK" Levine (peekitty) turned in his final corrections to the preview PDFs of his GURPS Monster Hunters 1 and 2. Those still need art, but they're on track for release sooner rather than later . . . unless They suppress The Truth.

• While he was at it, PK turned in his final draft of GURPS Monster Hunters 3, which I've since reviewed. And yes, I'm leaving the volume subtitles for this series unspecified for the time being. Hey, we have to have some secrets!

• I reviewed the first draft of GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror, by Ken Hite (princeofcairo). This will support both GURPS Horror and GURPS Infinite Worlds, which is just plain nifty: You can have the zombie apocalypse destroy a world without ending your campaign! Yugotiy.

• David Pulver and I discussed GURPS Vehicle Design more. Work is happening, and this supplement has not been forgotten in 2011.

• For scads of other hints, leaks, spoilers, and teases, see this Daily Illuminator.

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